Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mark saves Vaughn Users from Being Violated by Streamup

In the last day or so new words have been added to the list of phrases that won't show up in a Vaughnlive chat room. Taking a page from the Battlecam playbook, Mark has banned mention of certain other casting sites including Streamup:

But Mark himself mentions "we don't mind other streaming sites being mentioned". Fortunately during a BubbaGanoosh cast discussing the crack admin team over at Streamup and a certain Frenchman's misadventures, Mark provided the following justification:

Thanks to Anons and Frogtech for the screencaps.


Anonymous said...

His mother and himself were told about killersnake and many others they did fuck all, yves also was in teen rooms on JTV. Streamup's site is way beyond anything mark has rustled up in the last 3 years. The pressure must be getting to him people don't like censorship run little boy afraid of the competition..

Ms Scruffy and her retarded son live on in the hope that they will control social casting when someone failed to do due diligence failed to make a business plan and pissed off hundreds of people.

He is probably just pissed his former staff (Lunatic) Matt casts over there now and not on his shitty constantly breaking website.

Has anyone actually bothered to look at all the things Marks claimed since the site started? What ever happened to PRO accounts?

-- JTVanonymouse

Anonymous said...

Mark better has some proof because that is quite libelous.

Anonymous said...

I see a lawsuit coming.

Anonymous said...

Creepy site!

Anonymous said...

Did he skip the there, their, they're class Miss Scruffy had? Would seem from some other words he typed, he missed classes while he played in the sandbox.

Anonymous said...

Yes ,lunatic..matt, I guess had a big fallout with miss scruffy and her little soldier, and told them both to fuck day I'm going to hear matts side of the story as to what happened.

LurkersAnonymous said...

now this is hearsay, from someone who heard someone hear a quite drunk lunatic tell chatters during a cast before he left vaughn that his falling out with the vaughns had something to do with the meet up with bubbaganoosh. apparently the snobby vaughns didn't really want to do lunch or come into close contact with that hoodlum or something along those lines. lol as i said, it's just what i heard and lunatic was drunk at the time so take that for whatever it's worth =P

Anonymous said...

Oh for fucks sake. Reallly? Seriously?

Does mark and his mommy/wife have ANY clue how this actually looks to anyone outside of their little bubble?
What a fucking moron!

Does he and his mommy/wife REALLY think that "blacklisting" the names of other sites will actually change anyones behavior? Or make those sites go away?

NO, at best it actually makes people more currious and wanting to go seek them out....and fine the "real story", and as always, Marks and his mommy/wife's story just wont hold up, and they'll lose again.

Showing THAT kind of fear and paranoia of other sites is very revealing. It also never worked very well for battlecam and just made Lilly and Alki look like cunts.

Grow the fuck up Mark and Mommy, you really just look like a couple of 14 year old mean girls plotting who not to invite to their slumber party.

Mark is very very lucky to live in such a sheltered and protected lifestyle....some day he is going to talk some shit like that, and something and someone that he simply cannot handle is going to show up in his yard.

And they'll find out that their cartoon ban hammer doesnt work in real life.

Anonymous said...

The inbred needs to filter the URL shorteners as well.


Oh, yeah, and don't forget the sites' IP addresses:

And any hostnames that redirect there.

This isn't an exhaustive list, so get to work, Mark. We adults need your protection!

Anonymous said...

It's so funny how mark and mom/wife make more enemies than friends. if they make friends with anyone its short lived, my next bet yves will soon be marks next enemy. yves was marks cash cow, who helped fund the site, hes never around ever not even when mark casts..lolol

Anonymous said...

Little Marky Mark calling people pedophiles with no evidence? Nice, hope he has some good lawyers.

Anonymous said...

You can ask lunatic himself what really went down. Just catch him live on streamup

I am sure he has a lot to share with ppl about vl after the way they have been treating him and banning his friends because of their relationship to him.