Friday, January 9, 2015

Faux-maaaaaaaaaaaan Shawn

Got banneded on The Big VL. Again. Word down in the Tennessee grotto is that he'll be unbanned when he stops yelling at his mommy! Unless Scruffy was directing that comment towards her own bouncy baby boy and was threatening a ban from the spaghetti-o's pot in her kitchen for defying her, then who knows what the deal is here.

Don't know the details behind this last screencap but GD it cracked me up!

Oh no! Now Big Faggy Warbuck is the latest victim of the path of rage of Frau Eva Vaughn! Where will the carnage end?


Anonymous said...

FFS Mark cant you do anything by yourself? Grow a fuckin pair you look pathetic calling mom to fight your battles. Cant you see how she has stifled your growth as a man no wonder you have no life! Have fun living with mommy for the rest of your meaningless days cause thats what youre gonna get until you get out from under the apron strings smh. I would feel sorry for you but you keep letting her make decisions for you which just makes me want to slap you. You will NEVER get any respect until you lose the mommy fetish! Ive seen some fucked up family dynamics but yours is by far one of the most pathetic examples. Get A Fucking Clue!

troll2 said...

I don't understand how grown ass adults can think that photoshopped pic of miss scruffy and her son is so damn funny. Not only that but it's a constant god damn subject in chat.

It's disgusting! God damn. I just said a bit ago that if that crowd really thinks that picture is so damn funny then I really don't know any of them except for online and it's a place I don't want to chat at.

It is a disgusting picture created by a sick fuck who is mental to even create such a thing. It's abnormal,abhorrent to most people and it must be me but I just don't get it.

I came into the chat to chat away my food talk, house talk, boring everyone to death, so I am told constantly but that pic chat really pissed me off. GIVE IT A REST, stupid fuckers.

Doing that!? You make the lowest of bc'ers look like major winners.

Anonymous said...

That image is FUCKING HYSTERICAL. It is made of win and unicorn rainbow fairy dust.

Anonymous said...

Scrubby is running in Maximum Bitch mode tonight. She is deeply embarrassed because VL totally crashed during her baby's broadcast from his hotel room in Vegas.

She does realize Mark crashed the site because he had tranny hookers on the way and he didn't want Eva Vaughn watching. Tonight, he loses her virginity at long last.

Anonymous said...

So lets see this Oedipus Rex porn pic that has Scruffy Hussy all up in flabby arms!

Just like Lily has had a HUGE hand in making Alki's BC fail, Mommy Scruffy is only helping to stunt Marky's website growth as well as his emotional growth.

It IS amusing to watch the whole thing decompse under her meddling eye.

On the other hand, sometimes I think that Mommy Scruffy has been dead for years, and it is just occasionally Mark wearing her taxidermed skin around like Oedipus Ed Gein pretending to be her.

What a Tennessee freak show.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the picture is disgusting--it's just lame. It's an obvious fake, created by someone with a mental of 12 that thinks it's funny.

Them really having sex, that would be disgusting.

Anonymous said...

One hour ban for Foxman???????? wtf is that??? and the Warrbuck gets a 24 hour??? Something very wrong with this picture here. The few times Foxman has been banned already why such leniency towards him? That is a damn joke! Unbelievable!!!!!!!