Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mark shits the bed

It looks like the BIG VL is taking a shit while Mark and Scruffy are sitting on the toilet shitting their assholes out. Who will Mark blame today's downtime on? Misc? Hong Kong protesters? North Korea? Lizardsquad? Find out tomorrow when he post who the culprit was.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Fuck You

Blue Eyed Fire in an off-Broadway rendition of Blue Eyes, Plenty of Fries. As if I needed another reason to stop writing about the disaster that is the cam sites. I'll be considerate one more time though and hide this GIF behind the cut. Obviously, the title of this post is given with an extra hearty "Fuck You" to whoever had the cojones to actually capture the Blue Beluga Whale in it's natural environment. Let me repeat it once more -- FUCK. YOU.

Click the "Read More" link below to view images for this post behind the cut.

Break The Internet

Yeah, I give up. What is it with middle aged crusty old farts trying to recapture their youth in the most ridiculous of ways? I'm looking at you, Scott, Surfrat, Croft and a few others.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Every Day Vaughn’s Shuffling

This morning saw a spate of reactions to the rule changes on Vaughn last night from confusion to support for having a way to host banned casters. To review, if a user hosts someone who is ‘permabanned’ on Vaughnlive on a skype call during a cast, that user will be ‘shuffled’ to the back of the top bar. This seems to be in response to a certain French Canadian skyping with a banned Vaughn user during his cast, and receiving a one week…two weeks…might be up to a month and a half now ban. Unfortunately much of the feedback to Vaughn, sought thru Facebook, amounts to personal expressions of support rather than anything dealing with the changes themselves, which creates a false sense of the true reaction of the user community.

Daniel Vaughn LIVE!!

The ever colorful, ever controversial, ever suppressed homoerotic Misc has a few choice words for the Family Yawn after last night's events. Truthfully, I can't tell if he's simply looking to be unbanned from the Big VL, or if he's looking to have a series of bukkake sessions with the entire Klan of Tennessee Boondocks Royalty, or if he's just a total inbred jackass himself looking to get adopted by the Vaughns. Here's the email he sent over to Miss Scruffy. You can almost cut the borderline illegal unresolved sexual tension he feels for Eva with a knife.

How To Wipe An Ass In A Tennessee Outhouse

**UPDATE** (1/22/15) - The French haven't surrendered yet this time, as Paq has the State of the Yawn Address videos on his blog. There's a metric shit-ton of vids, so I'll just link you to the relevant post instead of embedding them all here and slowing down the loading of the blog.

(1/21/15) - I'm positive there will be a ton of fallout and many hilarious videos posted later here on this blog, as well as Scuttles and Paq's, but for now this one comment from Eva Vaughn sums up the entire State of the Yawn Address tonight. Check back later or tomorrow for more on tonight's fustercluck on the Big VL regarding banned users being on Skype calls in other Vaughnlive channels, and how those casters are supposed to know who is and isn't site banned.

The Paq Movement has begun in typical Shoutbox style!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What in The Fuck?

The bastard spawn of Chicky12 and Westside has arrived on the scene at Battlecam. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...Coochie13. This one is most definitely going behind the cut, so if you're feeling particularly brave tonight, click the "Read More" link below to behold a sight you're not likely soon to forget.

Smoked Out

Christ on a cross! The first, the best, the original, the man who webcasted on his 56K WebTV before such a thing was even possible is back! He's even spinning legendary tales about being the first caster on Vaughnlive and the first caster banned on Vaughnlive! At least one of those is true anyway. Regardless, get over to his channel now, ese. That means you, Tacoma! JustCastLive just became legit, son.

Smoke This Returns video courtesy of the United Army of Dyslexic Frenchmen.

The Return of SmokeThis by Paquet90

Courtesy Lurkers Anonymous, a meeting of two out of the three most brilliant minds on the internets. Sadly, Frank Taylor was nowhere to be found during this collision. Just as well - Frank/Scott/Smoke probably would have caused a series of incursions like what's happening in the Avengers comic books right now. No one mere universe could handle such knowledge and wisdom that is contained in the brain matter of those three giants of social casting. Anyway...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Return of Davelive?

That's the speculation on Facebook right now, courtesy Prefect and others. If this indeed is him, it's quite interesting that he would cam up on The Big VL instead of his former hom(o)e base of Battlecam. Plus, lucha libre has been pretty big in Texas for decades now, so it kind of adds up. Nonetheless, It looks like Dr. Scott and others won't be able to "Evad Evil" for much longer, once again proving that only death stands in the way of anyone ever leaving the cam sites forever.

Stiff Buttercream

Okay, listen. I'm not going to pretend to write up an elaborate story about this pic or anything, but it sure as shit does look like it's the naked tuckus of one Stiff Nights, as per The Spitbox. And that's about all I have to say on this matter for fear of Chrometuna, Ordinary Hero, or Davelive trying to take advantage of me while I'm mesmerized by the bronzed bottom of Stiffs. See what you're missing, Anna? You could have had it alllllllllllllll!

Image is behind the cut so I don't get my ass chewed out in a totally heterosexual way.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Social Casting Power Rankings (For Week of 1/18/2015)

#SCOTTAID and the misadventures of Plaqwet may have dominated this weeks rankings, but don't you dare ever count out Frank Taylor when it comes to making a sudden impact on social casting as only the charismatic skullet can! As always, presented by the Social Casting Academy of Arts and Sciences:


1. Abamski and Badsha (-)
#SCOTTAID 2015 was a huge success (see below)!

2. Scott_Seven_seven (14)
Pocketed $7.00 due to the efforts of #SCOTTAID!

3. Mark Vaughn (6)
Was somehow able to trademark the word "Live".

4. Paquet (1)
Still at war with pedo-pimping Admins at Streamup. Also had a totally non-sexual baby oil wrestling match with one of his buddies on their bunk beds.

5. Bish (22)
E-married her cousin/dealer/pimp!

6. Frank Taylor (16)
Skulletude Swag (credit to Scuttles for the asscrack of love).

7. Foxman Shawn (4)
On the run from the white coats at Betty Ford.

8. Anna Williams (9)
On a mission from the Brazilian Bikini Gods to expose every woman other than herself as a skank whore bitch.

9. 1o1Chris (2)
Not having a good week.

10. Davelive (-)

11. OG Mike (-)
You know the deal by now. Sadly, Coinbox doesn't.

12. StormDavis (-)
Was on the hunt for some CherryBreeze before passing out in a pool of SoCo and Astroglide and getting caught by Mrs. Davis in the act.

13. Bubba Ganoosh (-)
'Nuff said.

14. Mariana (-)
Did Curtis and Weeblez cry tears of joy or fap to their own tears when this was announced? You make the call.

15. Oysterbaby (-)
Is anyone really that surprised that there is supposedly a sex tape of her out there (other than Paq)?

16. Haskel420 (-)
Eagerly awaiting the release of that sex tape judging by the million posts about it on his blog.

17. Ayyone (15)
The new #1 ranked caster on Battlecam. For all that's worth.

18. BTF (-)
Some of Lizardsquad may be going down, but the Grand Poobah of the Sony/Microsoft hacking scandal continues to escape the long arm of the law.

19. Verbal (-)
Chasing his dreams.

20. Real Justin (17)
Swag molly swag swag molly swag.

21. Ms. OMG (-)
She's back, with Chosn in tow. Think more are interested in the former rather than the latter though.

22. Slaya (-)
A garden even the great Frank Taylor would be envious of!.

23. Malp (-)
The star of the #SCOTTAID chat!

24. Manda Moo (-)
Uh oh.

25. Roco (23)
Getting dangerously close to falling out of the rankings. Time to step up your game, old timer!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mark saves Vaughn Users from Being Violated by Streamup

In the last day or so new words have been added to the list of phrases that won't show up in a Vaughnlive chat room. Taking a page from the Battlecam playbook, Mark has banned mention of certain other casting sites including Streamup:

But Mark himself mentions "we don't mind other streaming sites being mentioned". Fortunately during a BubbaGanoosh cast discussing the crack admin team over at Streamup and a certain Frenchman's misadventures, Mark provided the following justification:

Thanks to Anons and Frogtech for the screencaps.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Prelude to #SCOTTAID, Day 2

And now, some further words of wisdom from Dr. Scott.

See you in 5 for the start of the festivities!

Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered

I really, really, really hope this Paterack guy is trolling, because otherwise...Jesus Christ on a cross. Not to jump on the Plaqwet bandwagon or anything, although it certainly is a worthy cause. Dyslexia is a serious issue amongst the youth of the civilized world and should have more attention brought upon it. I kid, of course. Who gives a fuck about that when there's far more disturbing shit going on around the webs. Really, even in the heyday of Pedo-mania on JTV or Stickam, I don't think I've ever seen one of their admins just out and out say something like this, joking or not. Pretty fucked up doesn't even begin to cover it. Thanks to Anon for the screencap, and let's hear it for the owners of Streamup for putting monkey turds like Patty and 1o1Chris (whose reputation far precedes him by now) in a position of power on the site! Way to go, gang!.

**UPDATE** - Spoke to someone at Streamup via their contact email. They deny Paterack ever said any such thing like what's shown below, as they claim there is a a 140 character limit per comment in Streamup chat. As others have already said, it would be extremely easy for Streamup to change their character limit from, say 250 or whatever, to 140 in order to cover their ass when another one of their Admins gets caught acting like a dickbag. This person also claimed they are speaking to their Admins about acting professional. Judging by all the N-bombs 1o1Chris has been throwing around lately, that's a tough pill to swallow IMO. And that's about all the response I got from them. Take it for what you will.

Crackyboo Nuptials

Ohhhhh boy, there's going to be a lot of tears shed amongst the white knights around the internet who felt that only they could "save" Bishy once they get a load of this. Not that it's for real or anything. I mean, grabbing an onion ring out of a bodega bag of Wise chips, putting it on a finger, and then having a swordfight between a whiskey dick and a KFC bone sticking out of a cooch hardly constitutes a legitimately recognized legal marriage in the US. Then again, this is Ohio, so who the fuck knows?

Not like Scott cares much at this point anyway. Once Kayla hit that dreaded quarter century mark in age, the great non-sexual infatuation with her was over for the good doctor. After all, her days of looking like Ariana Grande are finished.

BTW, in case you're wondering, that last statement is a callback to a few years ago when Avril Lavigne turned 25 and Scott had the balls to say in a very negative way that her days of looking like (a then closer to teenage) Bish are over. Now wait a minute, before you say or think anything crude about those words straight from the brilliant mind of the greatest man who ever lived, let me just say one thing in his defense:

You just don't understand. See you tomorrow for #SCOTTAID, Take 2.