Friday, December 12, 2014

Vaughn Hub

For those of you who have been waiting with fevered anticipation for any of the following:

- Edging the 8 with Edge of Eight.
- 1,001 Nights in Cleveland: The Magnificent Legacy of Ariel Castro, starring Candy Van Matt.
- Deliverance 2015: Coffee Time Creamer, starring Miss Scruffy and Baby Boo Eyebrows Vaughn.
- Madame Amarita's Flying Dildo Revenge.
- Brokeback Yukon, starring The Foxman and Chief Jack Wrangler Firewater.
- Ladybabes in Thailand, featuring Yves Lopez.
- Guido: Uncut, Uncensored, and Uncooked.

It appears your wish is about to come true.


Anonymous said...

adult section? As in nudity? Brace yourself if that is the case and expect to see lots of Dicks on the thumbnails.

Anonymous said...

adult section? so no bans at all for nudity etc then? hmmmmm sure