Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Twitch Off

Last month, some gamer chick named Falisha, who casted at the time on that breeding ground for zit popping e-virgins called Twitch, whipped her goods out to the tune of 500 million in Runescape caaaaaaash. Then, in a shocking twist straight out of Battlecam that absolutely no one could have possibly seen coming, she not only doesn't receive the precious Rupees, but various trolls proceed to contact many of those on her Facebook friends list about the naughty behavior and pass along pics of her hidden treasures to random members of her family and friends.

The story is here, here, and here. The real reason you're viewing this post - the nudes - are below. All that's left to say is: well played, Verbal. Well played.

Video explaining everything:


Anonymous said...

Pretty shitty to troll a girl to flash then later contact her family like they did.

Anonymous said...

That's what this site is all about