Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tis The Season

For some unsettling German tranquility, brought to you by the secret cabal of gays known as Chrometuna, Ordinary Hero Ross, Davelive, Toshi Pineapple, Sean The Caterer, Frank Taylor, Lars Taylor, Kioken Taylor, and Paquet90 from their super-secret road-headquarters over in fabulous Cherry Grove, NY. Egg Nog bukkake, here they cum!

On another note, after the OG Mike subhuman micro mushroom post below and now this Harry video, featuring a strategically placed puny pilz, I think I'm done playing any Mario Bros. games for good Thanks for ruining my childhood, guys. What's next, you start fighting naked in a pool of Playdough and SpaghettiOs? Actually, let me retract that last statement. Don't want to give Alki any new ideas for his next FilmOn PPV event. Can you imagine generic Vato #1 and Boricua #36 in a duel to the death (or a record deal), slap fighting amongst a bunch of materials that little kids used to play with, eat, and then sit on the can crapping out for hours on end? If you raised your hand yes (looking at you, Scott and Honest Frank), please go fall into a pit of bloody, puss ridden dicks. Thanks.

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