Monday, December 15, 2014

Stranger Dangerr

The recently exiled Carlos Dangerr couldn't cocktease the forever alone Boo Bear Vaughn out of a ban with the indomitable Mama Bear Eva Vaughn calling the shots on who's stream lives and who's stream dies on the Big VL. Don't worry, she'll be back. They always come back once the Eyebrows Overlord needs some fap material to placate his raging hillbilly hormones. For now though, enjoy the memories of what Miss Dangerr brought to the table, thanks to one helpful screencapping anon who had all of our loins close to his heart.


Anonymous said...

A 30 day stream key removal was a bit much for her first offence even if she was given many warnings to be careful.

Anonymous said...

I bet Stiffs was in here jerking off

Anonymous said...

12:57 PM is anna_the_stalker_williams