Sunday, December 21, 2014

Social Casting Power Rankings

This might be the absolute lamest idea in all the interwebs, but fuck it - I'm bored watching the Jets put in another ho-hum performance (Although they're winning over the Pats at halftime and the dog murderer isn't in at QB, so I guess that would count as an above average weekend for the Woodies. But I digress.) and came up with a brainfart that I, the master plagiarist himself, blatantly plagiarized from, Bleacher Report, and a billion other websites. Namely, social casting power rankings.

Each week anyone and everyone can vote on their top 10, or top 25, or top 500 (lol, as if there are that many people even left on the cam sites) casters/chatters/trolls/bloggers/site owners/etc., using whatever criteria they want. Quality of broadcast? Entertainment value? Shit jiggling jokes? Non-sexual appeal? You name it, you vote on it, you decide. Call it a transparent popularity contest with no real value. No one would win anything, which puts it about on an even keel with the BC Rankings system. But there's always the miniscule chance that it could help motivate us dopes that waste our days on these cam sites into being more entertaining at a time that we desperately need it.

So please, post your rankings in this blog post. Or email me at "". Or PM/FB me your rankings. Or hijack Scott's brain and telepathically send me your rankings through the power of sweet black baby jebus. Whatever floats your boat.

Or do nothing and I'll just make this shit up as I go along. Look for the first set of rankings next Sunday here on the blog. And now, here's something for your time spent reading through this post:

Coffeetime Kuato has a pretty cute sister? Who knew? Well, I know who my #1 in next week rankings is going to be.


Anonymous said...

#1 Rednick. Wait. Is winning actually losing?

Anonymous said...

hurting unit, what happened to this blog

Anonymous said...

Even though I hear this guy is very clingy who seeks attention constantly I could never make fun of someone who was born with physical birth defect.

Anonymous said...

great idea i pick lynn vaughn

Anonymous said...

It won't be long until genetic engineering completely eliminates people with severe birth defects, like Coffeetime and Paquet.