Sunday, December 28, 2014

Social Casting Power Rankings (12/28/14)

As voted on by the Academy of Social Casting Arts and Science, it's the debut of the Woodshed Social Casting Power Rankings for your endless contemplation and masturbation! How long will this gimmick last though? A year? A month? A one shot deal? Tune in next week at this time to find out how my attention span is doing I guess.

Taking into account looks, personality, entertainment value, and ability to correctly spell words (with one obvious exception), here they are:

1. Joe Walsh
Consistently one of the funniest casters on the cam sites. A modern day Mothman to The Foxman's Whoredawg, if you will.

2. Chris Bama
Had a week for the ages.

3. Scott_Seven_seven
Not too exhausted to rank this high. Awkward adventures at Hooters proves that the good doctor still has some of that sweet webcasting mojo going on.

4. Real Justin's Dad
Because...I mean, just look at the screencaps.

5. Foxman Shawn
Do you know who he is (besides #5)? Well, no screencap included on this ranking for The Fox, so looks like you're SOL regarding info on arguably social castings biggest hot mess.

6. Anna Williams
Everything is fine. Anna is perfectly A-OK. Nothing to see here, move along. (Thanks DFW)

7. Randallman
Backwoods flirtations with Eva Vaughn didn't go so smoothly.

8. Paquet
Probably the highest...ranking...he'll ever receive here. Room currently being booked at Betty Ford for the Woodshed's resident village idiot. #DyslexicFrenchCanadianLivesMatter.

9. Goosezilla
Finally got her man.

10. Frank Taylor
Because what's a legitimate Top 10 without the icon of social casting? Just look at that floor!

11. Sugar 2 Spice
Got naked. Again. Also, about to take away 2 High's freedom and future paychecks forever.

12. StormDavis
The new king of the blogosphere! SHOW THEM TITS SWEETIEE HEE HEE HEE!

13. Straws
Convinced Chris Bama to light his taint on fire and brush his teeth with poo for 60 bucks. Has he finally found his new Gary?

14. Loukiboy
Dreams do come true.

15. BTF
Took down Sony, Microsoft, *and* North Korea!

16. Mark and Miss Scruffy
Since it's impossible for one to go anywhere on the net without the other, they get to share a ranking. And a bust size.

17. Real Justin

18. Roco
No comment.

19. Coffeetime's Sister

20. Armochick
Got Wiscon unmodded on Main! Or so she claims.

21. Honest Frank
About to become a gazillionaire from suing Youtube for discrimination.

22. Paradice/Parasite/Righttt
Miss J is still clowning it up on The Big VL.

23. MichelleStacy
Owned Plaquet!

24. ODP
RIP. Cause of death: Big Black Bubba ripping his anus to shreads.

25. Leksah (Sub)
Honorary placement for the hairy lil' goober.


Anonymous said...

Joe is a funny caster and he doesn't need Foxman around to be one. When Foxman is around on Skype Joe makes him look like a fool but then of course that really isn't hard to do.

Chris should stay off Battlecam or stop drinking. He has done some pretty disgusting challenges he should be embarrassed of. If he is going in for a 5150 he should take Anna Williams with him who has lost her mind.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

If Goose isn't ranked higher she will cry to Paquet to change the voting, lol.

roco1122 said...

NUMBER 18?????? Mustve been all crackers voting.

Anonymous said...

Roco, you would have been ranked higher if you casted regularly picking your nose again or falling off your chair. Has dementia set in yet? When it happens at least you can forget all the embarrassing things you have done on cam.

Anonymous said...

i wanna hear rocco call those white nurses in da nursing home CRACKA'S and watch them flush his head down the toilet

roco1122 said...

EWWWWW thats quite a zinger from an Anonymous and obvious "cracker detractor"

Anonymous said...

The ghost of Vikki should have been ranked higher.

Anonymous said...

Roco stfu nig--r!

roco1122 said...

You honkies need to move on...this thread is done and so are you.