Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pimp vs. Pimp

Recently, I offered up ODP the chance to write his very own dating advice column here for this very site; to discuss the trials and tribulations of his endless search for some e-poontang, about how its not easy being an Online Dating Pimp. So far I haven't received word back from the young little goober-stain, and apparently with good reason. You see, his Facebook account has yet again gone kaput. However, before you anger up the blood and demand Zuckerberg's minions stop harassing our sweet, shy, and innocent wide-eyed Owl-like mascot, there seems to be a pretty good reason for this - Mr. Pimp has gone into witness protection after a run in with a real life Pimp.

Never let it be said that karmic retribution for stupidity is never not funny. Credit Frogtech for the screencap.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This kid will be constantly trolled especially when it comes to women. He is one of these guys that has "LOSER" written on his forehead.