Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Festivus

From Leksah (Sub)'s harem of drunkard mongoloid cavemen to yours, have a good one. Chops courtesy Lurkers Anonymous and Not-Thirdhole.


LurkersAnonymous said...

terrific chops, not-thirdhole =D
there's a well-known train wreck missing from this festive post, and that would be foxmanshawn22 who banned or had one of his mods ban me from his channel last night, a righteous ban at that as i was disrespectful. =P
as a guest i asked the hammered and belligerent one if he was still planning on cooking christmas dinner for his mom and sister. he replied "i'm not doin' nothin'" to which i replied "actually not doin' nothin' = doing somethin' js lol'" and he replied with his fuck you middle finger wagging at me. i replied "you're a miserable sonofabitch" and left his channel only to return hours later to find myself banned and him calling other people miserable. lol that ticked me off enough to inspire a chop based on a chop i did a couple of years ago of his beloved mentor, the lovely and effervescent miss vikki r.i.p. she looked fairly comfy perched on her tree top but i think that even with the pine cones removed, it was pretty snug and prickly fit for drunkmanshawn - he looks miserable, his stinky toes curled in agony mid-curtsey. =P

miss blabbyface is going back to burning the big bird now so merry christmas and happy holidays to mac, his blog authors and all this blog's readers <3

Anonymous said...

Rob zombie = Third hole or Docuhunter.

Anonymous said...

haha justin your dad told you to fuck off like everyone else does. you have no talent and you aren't even a jew. if you mom isn't a jew you are not jewish.

you are fucking that nasty whore. you going to take her to meet mom and dad? no wonder he tells you to fuck off you unemployed dope smoking loser of a son!