Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fox Trot

Free from being banished to the netherrealm of iVlog and YouNow by the handsome Miss Scruffy, Foxman Shawn is back on the Big VL, bigger, better, and drunker than ever! And his first order of business? Why take after the many fine moochers of years past, such as Frank Taylor and Beggin' Kitty and start asking for his loyal, empty noggin followers to buy him frivolous non-necessities! The spirit of two-toofed alcoholic begging is willing, but will the Fox Clan chip-in and buy him that AXE body spray he so desperately needs to score his next e-love? That Tony Robbins financial advice book to help him build his next pyramid scheme, though - I don't know about that one. That will not end well. Likely with The Fox finally ended up in that padded cell he should of been thrown into eons ago. One thing to take solace in though - with Chief Johnny Firewater as his sidekick while enacting the ponzi scheme, at least he won't be locked up by himself all alone. Not even felonies and life sentences can keep those two soulmates apart from one another!


Anonymous said...

Another leeching Frank Taylor with a wish list.

Anonymous said...

why does he need 2 sets of headphones ?