Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Debunking the Lies of the Mythological Eyebrows Gargoyle

As an infamous line from a movie starring the immortal Hulkster once stated, "What's that smell?" "DOOOOOOOOOOO-KIEEEEEEEEE".

Very true, Mark. Maybe not for the reasons you think, but I'm sure you and the other two live channels on Twitch's "competition", Instagib, surely find the alleged blackballing quite amusing.

Elsewhere, as an infamous line from The Shoutbox starring the incorrigible Verbster once stated, let's go on a magical mystery history lesson for all you NEEEEEWWBBBBBBS.

For reference sake:

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Anonymous said...

lol Mark bragging all the time yet he is still single, most likely a virgin because he lives such a sheltered live with mommy always by his side.