Sunday, December 28, 2014

Calling Dr. Bruce Yankem, DDS!

Did Joe Walsh pass out drunk/high/stupid, or was he rendered unconscious via an eyeful of those gruesome fangs belonging to The Foxman? You decide. Hopefully not over dinner, because good lord those teeth...if ever there were a time for our beloved MIA Bubba Southern to break out the medieval buffalo teef pliers again, this would be it.

For reference sake:


Anonymous said...

For those that wonder if that is a Photo shop of Foxman teeth no it is not. Here is a short clip when he shows his teeth in his cast back in February of this year.

I'm surprised he isn't getting Johnny to do some free dentistry on him. Maybe that will be for a future cast as we all know he loves to steal other caster material.

Anonymous said...

hahaha walsh just passed right the fuck out hilarious

Johnny Knight said...

Issac* Not Bruce.Currently known as Kane.Idk any Bruce Yankem.

Anonymous said...

Bruce = Vikki's husband

Yankem = a made up name for Bruce with a future patient namely Foxman

Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

Chicago, did you not watch the video where Bruce is trying to perform redneck dental surgery on Vikki? If you watched the video you would have gotten the joke.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Knight isn't very smart. Thank you for explaining that to him 5:49.