Saturday, December 20, 2014

Butthurt Theater

I normally try to stay out of the Scuttlebutt/Shawnio brouhaha because I find it to be beyond redundant at this point. I mean, Scuttle has the #1 social casting blog right now ever since I went to blogging, at best, part-time. Shawnio is, well, a McQueef. At best he has the #3 blog behind the incomparable Blog of a Frenchmen. How is this even a fair fight again? No offense, Paq. But Tony Baby Oil gave me inspiration to post about the condom failure canucklehead, so hey, why not put up a video showing Tony clowning on the delusions and psychosomaticism of the king shit of his own little bottom's up, basement boy world? What could TTTBO do to top completely and utterly putting Squirtrat through the ringer a few weeks back? Well, here's your answer.

Don't worry, though. The Woodshed isn't going to turn into a Shawnio blog. God no. The worst thing you could do is give that little inbred sheet stain any sort of attention and by extension the credibility he so desperately needs and desires. So I'm one and done with the ginger bollocks. Enjoy the vid, though.


Anonymous said...

Shawnio got his gerbils handed to him in some nylons and immediately inserted them into anus, thus becoming butthurt. Letsstalk should now be called Letsgerbil.

Anonymous said...

is this because he took your blog from you macgregor? scuttlebutt posted like 3 days ago

if you go on letsstalk there is a post doxing tonybabyoil, this is hilarious

Anonymous said...

Is that guy talking gay?

The Public of Facebook said...

the comments are just flooding in LOL

(mac they all read my blog now, sorry)

Amadeus said...

"(mac they all read my blog now, sorry)"

Yes Mac. It's true, and the tooth fairy is real. The earth is flat. The moons made of cheese and the best one of all. LetsStalk took my blog down.

Now stop laughing. STOP IT! The internet is serious business. *Giggles*

The Public of Facebook said...

Hey scuttlebutt, remember this day when you got your blog deleted for the first time LMAO

fuck this was a good day to be a blogger ;)

Here is the email scuttlebutt got from blogger when they deleted his blog for harassment

wanna talk about it scuttlebutt? LMDAO