Monday, December 22, 2014

Balls on Fire

No montage of Rocky training to fight an evil, steroid glazed Russian needed. No semblance of common sense to be found. Just one semi-retarded redneck sporting less than a semi-chub lighting that shit on fire for some Alki bucks he'll never see. As it should be for such a fool! Teach him a life lesson and all. He would have been better off titty fucking Mark and shooting the load onto Miss Scruffy's skin necklace in exchange for a dozen Vcoins. At least that way there would have been more than one person, in this case Chris Bama, to mock for being a numbskull.

Gif and video are behind the cut if you're really in the mood for some southern fried ox balls at the Woodshed hibachi grill. God help you. BTW, I'm not even going to touch the whole "pissing in his own mouth, then brushing his teeth with poo" stuff he got into. You guys are on your own there, so go check out his channel archives for those gruesome details.


Okay, maybe one pic of the au naturel teeth cleaning. Blame Cheesey for having an itchy screencapping finger while all this was going down.


Anonymous said...

so is Paquet ghost writing for this blog now or what

Anonymous said...

Jesus, he did that poo toothbrush challenge for only $60. Alki doesn't even have to offer him challenges when he does them that cheap from others.

The_Real_Comic said...

That is one fancy T-Shirt he's sporting along with that Flaming Mangina.
┌∩┐|oo|┌∩┐ Fuq Em' All Jack!